What is the FRAKT protocol?

FRAKT is the first decentralized NFT liquidity protocol on Solana offering both peer-to-pool and peer-to-peer loans

Depositors/lenders provide SOL liquidity to the lending pools and/or to the order books in order to earn Interest, while borrowers are able to borrow SOL instantly using their NFTs as collaterals

The FRAKT protocol is a set of products designed to unlock liquidity from both floor & expensive NFTs so that this liquidity can then be used in DeFi. Individuals & DAOs can therefore

  • Unlock liquidity instantly

  • Generate sustainable yields

  • Empower their communities

Our Products

1) Perpetual loans & Isolated lending pools

Our Roadmap

Roadmap V2 + Weekly Medium updates

Our Holder Benefits

🤑 For BANX stakers Sustainable passive income, raffles tickets & discounts (see detailed benefits) 🤑 For $FRAKT (upcoming IDO token) stakers (starting at IDO) Sustainable passive income, raffles tickets, discounts & $HADES rewards (see detailed benefits)

Our Story

Fundraising announcement & FRAKT's story

Frakt was the first generative art collection on Solana and the third NFT collection lauched on the Solana blockchain (June 7 2021). Pawnshop Gnomies was the first project to issue an on chain loan backed by a Solana NFT (November 18 2021). This feat caught the attention of FRAKT, which led to the merger on March 15 2022. On May 2023 FRAKT released its new BANX collection in order to unite its community under one common powerfull flag

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