Mint Details

Mint date still to be communicated

Total supply

Maximum supply will be 20,000:
Up to 10,000 BANX to be minted with Frakts
Up to 5,555 BANX to be minted with Gnomies
4,445 new BANX to be minted with SOL via Presales or WLs from Fraktlisting competition

Mint price

Mint price for holders minting with Gnomies & Frakts (will timelock OG NFTs & remove all utility from them)
Mint price for Presales & WLs minting with SOL
10 SOL
Total SOL
44,450 SOL

Why mint BANX with SOL

🔥 Revenue share backlog: 10,000 SOL 🔥 Revenue share from future royalties, product fees, & protocol owned liquidity yield 🔥 Chance at 25 1/1s 🔥 Chance at rare, high utility points valued currently at 100+ SOL 🔥 Every single trait is rare 🔥 5K SOL AMM offer liquidity post-mint

Migration mint for Frakts & Gnomies holders

✅ Existing holders will be able to mint BANX, for FREE, using Frakts & Gnomies as WL tokens
🔒 Once used to mint a BANX, your Frakt or Gnomie will then be locked for a 1-2 years period in order to avoid any confusion on the market. After unlock, Frakts & Gnomies will coexist as NFT collectibles with no utility
🫰 The exact amount of Partner/Player points of your Gnomie or Frakt will be migrated to its associated BANX
💰 Directly after mint, you will be able to borrow against your BANX proportionally to its amount of Partner points. Which means the floor unification won't affect the capital efficiency (loan values) for current Gnomies holders and will actually improve it for current holders of rare Frakts
➡️ After mint, only BANX will retain the Player and Partner Points unlocking the FRAKT protocol benefits

Utility points migration from Frakts & Gnomies to BANX

Points per Frakts & Gnomies