Why 20,000 supply?

10,000 Banx to be minted with Frakts

5,555 Banx to be minted with Gnomies

4,445 new Banx to be minted with SOL via Presales & WLs


We believe minting 4,445 extra Banx with SOL (with 0 dilution for existing holders - see tokenomics adjustments below) will strongly benefit the FRAKT protocol & community by boosting:

✅ Acquisition of new protocol users (Whitelisting is tied to protocol usage)

✅ Acquisition of new community members & ambassadors

✅ Awareness for both BANX & FRAKT protocol

✅ Trading volume for BANX (more liquidity and more arbitrages opportunities)

✅ Protocol revenue, due to increased Protocol Owned Liquidity

✅ Sustainable passive income for holders, due to increased protocol revenue

Tokenomics adjustments

In order to mint more BANX without diluting existing holders, the community voted to shift 20% of the total amount of Partner points & Player points from $FRAKT to BANX and attribute these points to the extra supply to be minted with SOL

In tokenomics V1 the utility points split = 50% NFTs & 50% $FRAKT

BANX (50%)

$FRAKT (50%)

704,000 Partner points

704,000 Partner points

37,575 Player points

37,575 Player points

In tokenomics V2 the utility points split =60% NFTs & 40% $FRAKT

BANX (60%)

$FRAKT (40%)

844,800 Partner points (+140,800)

563,200 Partner points (-140,800)

45,090 Player points (+7,515)

30,060 Player points (-7,515)

Impact on $FRKT

By shifting utility points away from $FRAKT towards BANX, we proportionally increased the $FRKT to $FRAKT migration rate in order to ensure $FRKT holders are not diluted either:

From 1 $FRKT = 50 $FRAKT to 1 $FRKT = 62.5 $FRAKT

Same logic for Seed and Strategic investors. We also gave Strategic investors the possibility to swap their $FRAKT alloc to BANX presale alloc (with no discount on mint price)

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