Utility NFTs of the protocol
FRAKTs and Gnomies NFTs are the utility NFTs of the FRAKT Protocol. Holders will therefore have the following advantages
  • Access to Discord
  • Stakers received or will receive the initial $FRKT airdrop
  • DAO can vote to distribute a share of protocol revenues to FRAKTs and Gnomies holders
  • Staking FRAKTs / Gnomies unlocks reduced fees for trading NFTs in Pools
  • Staking FRAKTs / Gnomies unlocks airdrops in fraktions of Vaults
  • Staking FRAKTs / Gnomies gives access to Private liquidation sales of liquidated NFTs in Borrow
  • Staking FRAKTs / Gnomies gives WLs opportunities to projects using Guard
  • Staking FRAKTs enables customization of the upcoming FRAKT PFP NFT
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