How does a Pool work?
In the example below, we will be using an NFT Pool for the Thugbirds collection

The team or DAO will define the pool token name (rTHUG in this example)
  1. 1.
    Mint $rTHUG pool tokens: Add Thugbirds NFTs into the Thugbirds NFT Pool (20 Thugbirds for this example). Doing so will mint 20 rTHUG pool tokens
  2. 2.
    Add $rTHUG-$SOL in the Raydium liquidity pool associated to the Thugbirds NFT Pool : The proportion between $rTHUG pool tokens and $SOL tokens provided as initial liquidity will define the initial price of the $rTHUG token (and therefore the price for one Thugbird in the pool). If the current floor price of Thugbirds is 20 $SOL then the initial liquidity (in $SOL) to be added with the 20 $rTHUG pool tokens is 400 $SOL
  3. 3.
    Stake the $rTHUG-$SOL LP tokens to start earning 64% of the fees generated by the Thugbirds NFT Pool : fees are generated at every interaction with the pool : mint, redeem, buy, sell, swap ...

A Thugbird holder can then decide to add his Thugbird NFT the Thugbirds NFT Pool
  • Adding NFT to the pool and minting a pool token : by doing so he will lose ownership of this specific Thugbird but receive 1 fungible token ($rTHUG) that represents ownership of a share of the Thugbirds NFT Pool, which can be used to redeem back one of the Thugbirds available in the Pool
  • Stake to earn : he can use this $rTHUG token to provide $rTHUG-$SOL liquidity (liquidity staking) or single stake $rTHUG (inventory staking) in order to earn a share of the fees generated by the pool (pool APR). - 64% of all pool fees are distributed to Liquidity stakers. - 16% of all pool fees are distributed to Inventory stakers.
  • Instant sell : he can also swap his $rTHUG token for $SOL in order to get instant liquidity (equivalent to selling his Thugbird NFT instantly)
  • Instant buy : investors can swap $SOL for $rTHUG to then instantly buy a specific or random Thugbird currently in the pool (in one click)

5% on mint (adding a Thugbird to the NFT Pool to receive a $rTHUG token)
0% on random redeem (using a $rTHUG token to redeem a random Thugbird from the NFT pool)
Soon : 5% on custom redeem (using a $rTHUG token to redeem a specific Thugbird from the NFT pool)
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