Why creating a Pool for my collection?
By setting up a Pool with seeded liquidity for your collection you will give your community peace of mind with solid floor price discovery due to reduced undercutting, and the ability to earn yield
  1. 1.
    Increased liquidity : an NFT pool will make your collection more liquid enabling investors to instantly buy, sell and swap their NFTs
  2. 2.
    Higher volume : creating a liquid pool for your collection invites market arbitrage opportunities which leads to overall higher trading volume for the collection therefore generating both pool fee revenues and higher marketplace royalties. Pools & Marketplace listings are therefore complementary
  3. 3.
    Additional revenue stream : for projects and DAOs owning multiple floor NFTs from their collection providing some of their inventory to the pool and becoming the initial liquidity provider is a great way to unlock an additional revenue stream (as pool fees are redistributed to pool liquidity providers)
  4. 4.
    New NFTxDEFI utilities for your holders : NFT pools are a great way to provide new NFTxDEFI utilities to your community members enabling them to earn yield on top of their NFTs (as pool liquidity providers), to borrow $usdc using their pool tokens as collateral, ...
  5. 5.
    Increased accessibility : an NFT pool can also makes your collection more accessible to investors that do not wish to purchase a full NFT by enabling them to buy only a share of it. It is as simple as swapping some SOL for fungible pool tokens.
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