Pre-IDO Giveaway

The goal is to align our early users and ambassadors to the long-term success of FRAKT
TL;DR available on Twitter here​

Rewards Repartition and Formula

✅ Total Rewards Allocation : 1M LOCKED FRKT ✅ Duration : From Sept 2022 to IDO (Winter 2022-2023)

40% to the Borrowers

Any fees you spend build your position within the Borrowers prize pool. At the end of the week (every Sunday), we'll allocate that prize pool according to each user's portion of the total fees spent. TL;DR Spend fees, get $FRKT back
Weekly reward for each borrower = Total weekly reward * (fees spent by the borrower during the week / Total borrowing fees spent during the week)

40% to the Lenders

Every SOL you deposit increases your stake in the Lenders prize pool. At the end of the week (every Sunday), we'll allocate it according to each lender's portion of the total deposit. TL;DR Deposit your $SOL, earn APY from borrowers AND build a $FRKT bag
Weekly reward for each lender = Total weekly reward * (SOL deposited by the lender at time of the weekly snapshot / Total SOL deposited at time of the weekly snapshot)

20% to the Ambassadors

We've joined the Qwestive beta and will be testing it to make our ambassadoooring more fun and easier to track
✅ Weekly Ambassadooor Qwests (available here will assign that sweet locked $FRKT ✅ Your locked $FRKT rewards will show up very soon in your profile tab directly on Don't forget to post your tweets in the #👨│ambasadoooors channel for the community to raid!
All FRKT rewards will be locked and to be vested : participants will receive locked FRKT tokens that they will be able to harvest after IDO. Once unlocked they can then migrate them to staked FRKX (along with all other FRKT tokens in circulation) with a linear unlock over a 1 year period (as per tokenomics)