Introducing FRAKT Vaults
A vault is the entity that locks the NFT, issues the tokens linked to the fraktionalization and manages the buyout process.

Looking at the Vaults tab, we can see NFTs that people have already fraktionalized. You can look through any that are currently open, bought or closed.
The "Bought" status means that the underlying token has been purchased, and "Closed" refers to a fully completed process (the whole SOL value of the emitted tokens has been claimed). If we check out the first fraktionalised NFT vault we get a bit more information...

The vault page contains the most important pieces of information about any locked NFT and the Vault page itself also has three tabs:
  • Trade - functionality to place and view orders from DEX for trading
  • Swap - functionality for instant swapping between tokens to SOL and vice versa
  • Buyout - functionality to start a buyout process
Let's now check out what it looks like if you want to Trade & Swap your freshly fraktionalized NFT tokens!
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