Trading interface
How to trade fraktions and view orderbook

Buy & Sell

In order to buy or sell fraktions you need to access the trading terminal that looks like this:
Trading terminal
On this interface you define what type of order you want to place. For example, if you want to sell fraktions you hold, click "Sell". Let's breakdown crucial inputs:
  • Price - amount of SOL per fraktion you want to receive for selling / spend for buying
  • Size - amount of fraktions you want to buy / sell. Calculates in fraktions and SOL

Order book

Once you placed your buy or sell order, it appears on the Serum order book. You also can use the order book to understand the current market conditions and place your orders accordingly.
For example if you see very large sell orders, it's probably a NFT owner selling his fraktions:
It would make sense for you to place your buy order at the same price if you are willing to buy fraktions.
Of course, the goal of this article is to highlight the mechanics and is in no way, shape or form financial advice on how one should trade. Those are simply the market mechanics and how our interface is dealing with them.
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