Unlock liquidity for your Fraktions
Step-by-step guide on how to sell fraktions of your NFT.

After fraktionalizing your NFT, the platform asks you to create a Serum market - make sure you do that. If you skipped that step it still can be done here ​
IMPORTANT: Serum market creation can cost up to 5 SOL.
That's it! Your fraktions are ready to be tradable and you can sell them on the Vault page or DEX.

To make fraktions even more liquid and bring better user experience with swapping / trading, we encourage you to create a liquidity pool on Raydium. The best approach is to provide liquidity for token at the same price as fraktions valued in vault.
You can find Serum Market ID after market creation on Vault page
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On this page
1) Fraktionalize your NFT
2) Create a Serum market
3) Create a Liquidity pool