LP for DAA#544
Swimming in a sea of apes. Literally.
We are finally at our last step of this guide and if you've made it until here, well, congratulations, let's keep on pushing the NFT and DeFi space together - we love you.
The Raydium liquidity pool (LP) creation will be built within our platform in the next couple of weeks but for now, we prompt you to go to, where you will be welcomed with the following menu:
You will first have to retrieve your Serum Market ID (available on the Vault page of your NFT - see under) and then connect your wallet to the Raydium page.
Every piece of information is available on the Vault page of your fraktionalized NFT.
Once you’ve done that and got the Serum Market ID, you just need to copy paste it in the field at the bottom and press “Confirm”. You will then be moved to the 2nd step of the process, “Price & Initial Liquidity”.
Raydium's Liquidity Pool Creation Process
There is a lot of information here but the two important fields you have to focus on here are
Set Base Token Starting Price - we put 0.065 here as it’s the initial price per fraktion.
We currently advise to use the same value for the creation of the liquidity pool but you can of course do as you please - be aware of certain mechanics at play though:
Quote Token Initial Liquidity - this is the amount in SOL that you will be providing to the liquidity pool. In our example, we gave 2 SOL.
Intuitive, focused, in your lane.
Ready? Then click on “Confirm and Initialize Liquidity Pool” and approve the next transaction. Within a couple of minutes, the pool will have been created and you will now be able to operate swaps back on the main page.
The pool has been created! Time to SWAP!
It’s as easy as it looks - all you have to do is pick the token you’d like to swap and its counterpart, click on “Swap”, approve the transaction and you’re done! In less than a couple of minutes, you have fully fraktionalized an NFT and have created a liquidity pool linked to it that makes its fraktions tradable and swappable.
Swaps are now available on the main Vault page of your fraktionalized NFT.
We invite you to have a look at our DEX, where you will have access to a complete trading terminal to buy and sell orders on the fraktions market of your choice!
The FRAKTION DEX terminal.
We hope you loved the whole process and we invite you to give us your feedback on our socials if you would like!
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