Market for DAA#544
Time to go bananas.
So we have now successfully fraktionalized our ape, was kind enough to thank us for that power move (see below) and now we're about to go even crazier with this - we're going to be creating a Serum market for the fraktions we have just received!
Let's create a market for our fraktions now!
Click on “Create market” to proceed with the creation of the market on Serum and you will be prompted with another transaction to approve. Market creation cost can go up to 5 SOL but in our case it was roughly 1 SOL.
Approval Prompt
Once this has been approved, refresh the page and give it a few minutes for the market to be created. You can then visit the “Vaults” page to check out our embedded trading/swapping interface, right next to the NFT!
The NFT overview, through the Vaults' page.
It looks and feels very smooth, so let’s try put a first sell order on the market with our $KOBE:
Just like any other trading platform, you need to set the price (in this case, we set the same price than the price per fraktion, which was 0.065 SOL), the size in $KOBE, we decided on 1000 here, which then yields the total value in SOL of the order - 65 SOL. Simple, right?!
Now all you have to do is press “Sell”, approve the transaction from your wallet and.. You’ve created an order in the order book!
At this point, it’s you and only you there and there is basically no liquidity provided - yet! To play with the mechanics, we also bought out some of the $KOBE that we listed and it was just as smooth as selling! Put the buy order, approve the transaction and you’ve bought some $KOBE!
Easy interface to buy/sell your fraktions.
Now that we've achieved this, let’s move on to the next phase of building up your NFT’s liquidity - the Raydium liquidity pool creation.
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