What is the FRAKT protocol?

FRAKT is the first decentralized NFT liquidity protocol on Solana offering both peer-to-pool and peer-to-peer loans
Depositors/lenders provide SOL liquidity to the lending pools and/or to the order books in order to earn Interest, while borrowers are able to borrow SOL instantly using their NFTs as collaterals
The FRAKT protocol is a set of products designed to unlock liquidity from both floor & expensive NFTs so that this liquidity can then be used in DeFi. Individuals & DAOs can therefore
  • Unlock liquidity instantly
  • Generate sustainable yields
  • Empower their communities

Our Products

Our Roadmap

Our Holder Benefits

🤑 For Frakts & Gnomies holders (active) Sustainable passive income, raffles tickets & discounts (see detailed benefits) 🤑 For $FRAKT (upcoming IDO token) holders (Starting at IDO) Sustainable passive income, raffles tickets, discounts & $HADES rewards (see detailed benefits)

Our Story

Frakt was the first generative art collection on Solana and the third NFT collection lauched on the Solana blockchain (June 7 2021). Pawnshop Gnomies was the first project to issue an on chain loan backed by a Solana NFT (November 18 2021). This feat caught the attention of FRAKT, which led to the merger on March 15 2022