$FRAKT Utilities

Shortly after the IDO, $FRKT holders will be able to convert their $FRKT to locked $FRAKT with a progressive linear unlock over a year. Locked tokens will be eligible for their share of benefits (sustainable passive income, raffles tickets, discounts and $hades rewards)

Directly starting at IDO, we’ll tie all the same protocol related utilities to $FRAKT staking.

Staked $FRAKT will therefore unlock : 1. Governance voting power

2. Eligibility to claim $FRAKT sustainable passive income

3. Protocol related benefits

  • Discounts on Flip loans

  • Tickets for the Liquidation Raffles (buy liquidated NFTs up to 50% below floor price)

4. Boosts on User Rewards and Referral Rewards

5. $HADES rewards as per Hadeswap whitepaper : ✅ 5% of the entire $HADES supply will be distributed to $FRAKT stakers ✅ Each staked $FRAKT will yield a total of 0.001332 $HADES, emitted over 18 months (this is true for all staked $FRAKT, including locked staked $FRAKT migrated from $FRKT)

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