Points per BANX

Each of our NFTs has two distinct points levels (displayed in the metadata) :

  • Partner points for Sustainable passive income & Governance voting power

  • Player points for Raffle tickets & Discounts on Flip loans

Partner points

For Sustainable passive income and Governance voting power

100% of our protocol revenue and 100% of our royalties revenue will be entirely used to buy back our token (with 50% of the total revenue) + provide liquidity for it (with the other 50 of the total revenue). Then we distribute the same amount of token that we buy back to our holders (neutral market impact passive income inflation) :

ā— 50% of the buyback will be distributed to BANX stakers (proportionnaly to their amount of Partner points staked) ā— 50% of the buyback will be distributed to $FRAKT stakers (proportionally to their amount of $FRAKT staked)

Note that between BANX mint and IDO, 100% of passive income will go to BANX stakers and will be distributed in SOL (as $FRAKT won't be on the market just yet) via our Gamified Staking Experience

Player points

For Raffle tickets & Discounts on Flip loans

  • Every Player point unlocks 1 ticket for the Liquidation raffles during which participants can purchase NFTs at up to 50% below floor price

  • Every Player point unlocks 1% discount on borrowing fees for Flip loans

Utility points migration from Frakts & Gnomies to BANX

As a result from our merger with Pawnshop Gnomies in March 2022, we ended up with two distinct NFT collections : Frakts & Gnomies. In May 2023 we will migrate the utility points from these two collections to our new united BANX collection

Frakts & Gnomies holders will be able to mint BANX for free. Once used to mint a BANX, Frakts and Gnomies will then be locked for a 1-2 years period in order to avoid any confusion on the market. After unlock, Frakts & Gnomies will coexist as NFT collectibles with no utility

Points per Frakts & Gnomies

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