The FRAKT Test

We help Projects pursue all available revenue streams - so they can thrive regardless of royalties. We built the DeFi X NFT protocols that make it possible.

TL;DR available on Twitter here

What is the FRAKT Test?

A Complete Guide + Tool for boosting your Project's revenue

1ī¸âƒŖ Variable Mint

You can reserve a % of your supply to be minted at variable price on an AMM such as Hadeswap. With decent demand, you will likely make more from that %, allowing you to keep a part of supply to provide liquidity to an AMM and to provide liquidity to your Lending Pool (see below)

2ī¸âƒŖ Provide liquidity to an AMM

You can keep a % of your supply to provide liquidity on an AMM (e.g. Hadeswap). With good volume, this will earn your Treasury significant yield. More info in the Hadeswap documentation

3ī¸âƒŖ Provide liquidity to your Lending Pool

By funding a lending pool for loans backed by its collection, a Project can ensure low borrow rates for holders, and collect 2-4X yield vs regular staking.

More info on FRAKT isolated lending pools here

TL;DR Twitter guide for DAOs here

4ī¸âƒŖ Not all royalties are lost

We've heard more than one team is hard at work building solutions to help Projects enforce royalties. Meanwhile, partner with marketplaces who do enforce them (Hyperspace) and make them your official links.

5ī¸âƒŖ The FRAKT Test

This is the Tool that brings it all together.

It will forecast your treasury balance for the next 5 years, based on your own Project data and estimates.


Make a copy of the spreadsheet and fill in your own information. Accept the unpredictability of this space and play around with all parameters to figure out how they'll affect you. And ofc pop in our discord for suggestions or help!

Building trust

When a project decides to fund its own isolated lending pool on FRAKT and / or to provide liquidity for its collection on an AMM such as Hadeswap it sends a very strong signal to its community. Indeed doing so provides additional utilities to community members by enabling them to :

  • Take instant loans using their NFTs as collaterals on

  • Instantly sell / buy / swap their NFTs on

Consequently this will reduce the fear of rug and help stabilising the floor price (by reducing the need to undercut the floor). Projects could even decide to go one step further by locking the provided liquidity in smart contracts (with our Guard product) in order to further reassure holders (the projects owners won't be able to withdraw the liquidty provided in the pools)


Through optimal capital allocation projects can create a revenue stream of X without a product. So, depending on context, it could be used to answer the question: - how low does the burn rate need to be to survive indefinitely or - how long can the team survive at this burn rate (before additional revenue stream is discovered)

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You can apply for Hadeswap whitelisting using this form

You can apply for a (private) isolated lending pool following the steps described here

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