Claim your passive income

Will start directly after mint, and will use $SOL (until IDO)


Holders will be able to send their BANX on Adventures through time and space

These cannot be automated and participation will require holders to manually connect, consistently with our approach of rewarding active holders.

Holders will also be able to subscribe their Banx to Adventures of the following two weeks (e.g. during week 0, week 1 and week 2 adventures will be already available) - this is designed to prevent holders losing any passive income if they need to be offline for some time.

Note that while Banx are on Adventures they can still be borrowed against

Revenue distribution mechanism

Subscribing to the weekly Adventures will yield two loot boxes:

Box #1 contains the guaranteed share of passive income

If a holder sends all his Banx on Adventures, and they are equivalent to 1% of total partner points, this box will contain 1% of total passive income for that week.

Box #2 has a varying probability of opening a bonus BANX NFT

Every week the unclaimed share of passive income will be used to buy back Banx NFTs from the market and allocate them to the #2 boxes.

Winning probability will be proportional to the amount of partner points, with a multiplicator curve that slows down with size, calibrated to give small holders a chance without encouraging large holders to split their NFTs among wallets.

Note that:

  • Box #2 might also contain other goodies resulting from frakt partnerships e.g. WL spots, discounts, other NFTs

  • The community will be able to submit proposals for different Box #2 content

Before IDO

After IDO

First loot-box

Guaranteed share of passive income (in SOL)

Guaranteed share of passive income (in $FRAKT)

Second loot-box

Probability to receive bonus BANX NFTs (and/or other goodies)

Probability to receive bonus $FRAKT (and/or other goodies)


The weekly pool of passive income rewards will be composed of:

1) predefined share of the backlog revenue accumulated in the past

2) The SOL revenue generated the previous week. Revenue sources are:

  • Protocol fees

  • Royalties

  • Yield generated by Protocol Owned Liquidity (if not compounded by governance vote)

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