Fraktlisting Leaderboard Competition (Season 1)

All Fraktlisted wallets can compete in the Leadeboard for BANX WLs, $FRKT and bluechip NFTs (SMB, Clayno, DAA, OKB, GECKO, FFF,...) 🤑
Since Presales sold out, getting Fraktlisted and placing in the top 1200 of the leaderboard is now the only way to get BANX WLs (along with many more rewards🤑)

Climb on the Leaderboard for Banx WLs, $FRKT and bluechip NFTs

  • Up to 1,888 BANX WLs to be distributed (to top 1,200 wallets in the Leaderboard)
  • Mint price for WLs winners = 10 SOL
  • Mint date is June 22

Step 1: Get Fraktlisted on

Once Fraktlisted you will automatically join the Fraktlisting leaderboard competition and start earning points by borrowing & lending on our app

Step 2: Check leaderboard prizes on

Leaderboard points = ((BFP x 1000) + (BL x 10) + PD) x LB
BFP = borrowing fees paid
BL = bonds lent
PD = pools deposits (average of daily snapshots)
LB = loyalty boost Everyone begins with an x1 boost. Each day, your boost increases by 0.1. However, please note that if we detect your wallet transacting on another protocol, your boost will be reset to x1
There is also a team leaderboard in which the volumes from all same team members are aggregated so that teams can compete against each others for extra bluechip NFTs prizes (SMB, Clayno, DAA, OKB, GECKO, FFF,...) 🤑
  • You can invite people in your team using your referral code
  • You can join a team by adding their referral code
You can add a referral code directly on
All referrals done during Leaderboard Season 1 will be migrated to our long-term referral program starting after Banx mint