Migrating NFTs and $FRKT


$FRKT Tokenomics

We have settled for a migration from $FRKT (preIDO token) to $FRAKT (IDO token) instead of the previously mentioned airdrop. We’ve come to the conclusion that having a single, strong, token will be clearer and more efficient.
✅ In June 2022 We stopped all the $FRKT emissions (from single staking, from Frakts staking and from Raydium farms)
✅ In June 2022 we burned 40M of $FRKT so only 10M $FRKT remains ✅ Starting on 23/01/2023 we airdroped 10 locked $FRKT per day for total duration of 20 days to delisted Gnomies in order to restore governance parity (as Frakts already receive it)
From that point $FRKT should be considered a preIDO token, and we won’t recommend trading it since liquidity will be low and volatility high. NFA, but your best option to get exposure now is via our NFTs that will emit $FRAKT as sustainable passive income​
The 10M remaining $FRKT will be allocated 5% of $FRAKT supply. At this conversion rate, $FRKT holders will be diluted by factor 20 BUT we will raise public sale at at least 30M$ valuation, which is more than x40 from current $FRKT market cap. So at current FRKT price (0,065$), gain > dilution by a factor at least greater than 2. See simulations in $FRAKT tokenomics​
Shortly after the IDO, $FRKT holders will be able to convert their $FRKT to locked $FRAKT with a progressive linear unlock over a year. Locked $FRAKT tokens will be eligible for their share of benefits (sustainable passive income, raffles tickets, discounts and $hades rewards)