UX features

TL;DR available on Twitter : New app design !

Bulk loans

This feature enables our users to borrow as much as they want in just a few clicks in order to use the protocol capabilities at max without the hassle to take loans one by one

  1. When taking loans the borrower can decide between two simple options :

  • define the specific amount of SOL you need and let the protocol suggest optimal collateral patterns (bulk loans)

  • select his collateral manually (single loan)

2. For the bulk loans we developed a tailor made smart algorithm suggesting different offers (best vs cheap vs safest) with different combinations of collateral, LTV and loan type

3. Once the user picks an offer he can see a recap of the collaterals and parameters that would be used. The users can then edit some collaterals and/or parameters before confirming the bulk loans

4. The borrowers can then repay multiple loans at the same time


We strongly encourage our users to connect their account to our integration notifications system (https://notifi.network/) in order to receive important notifications on several possible channels (Discord, Telegram, SMS, Email)/ There are currently several notification types :

  • Loan creation

  • Margin call

  • Liquidation

  • Upcoming liquidation raffles

Status NFT : Keep track of your loans right from the wallet

As a FRAKT user, as long as you have at least one active loan, you will receive in your wallet an NFT that displays you a recap of your active loans :

  • Total SOL borrowerd

  • Total debt (including accrued interest)

  • Total active loans

  • Amount of NFTs in Grace Period

  • Amount of them before a collateral enters Grace Period or get raffled

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