Introducing FRAKT Loans
FRAKT Loans is the first decentralized peer-to-pool based NFT liquidity protocol on Solana. Depositors provide SOL liquidity to the lending pool to earn interest, while borrowers are able to borrow SOL through the lending pool using NFTs as collateral instantly

Borrowers (NFT holders) are able to :
  • Opt for a Perpetual loan or a Flip loan. You can find the comparative here​
  • Initiate an instant NFT loan to borrow SOL from the pool. By doing so their NFT collateral remains in their wallet but is locked
  • Maintain NFT collateral ratio by repaying SOL anytime
  • Unlocking back the NFT when paying off the NFT loan

Depositors/ lenders are able to
  • Deposit/withdraw SOL to the lending pools
  • Earn yields by providing liquidity
Deposits to the isolated lending pools will fund Perpetual loans
Deposits to the aggregated lending pool will fund Flip loans

In order to avoid losses caused by the market fluctuations, the borrower will have a 24-hour grace period to repay the loan

NFTs will be locked in wallet through instant NFT loans. Locked NFTs are untransferable avoiding the risk of theft. On the other side, as locked NFTs remain in the wallet they will still unlock access to Discord, ...

The borrower's NFT collateral is locked on the platform. After the total debt exceeds the value of the collateral, the collateral is liquidated through raffles auctions, and the auction price cannot be lower than the total debt. So the lender's principal will not be lost

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