Why mint BANX?



🎲 People minting with SOL have a chance to mint a high rarity BANX with higher amount of utility points unlocking stronger benefits

🎲 All minters have a chance to mint a 1/1 BANX


đŸŗ People purchasing BANX Presales can build a larger BANX position without slippage

đŸŗ People competiting for BANX WLs on the Fraktlisting leaderboard competition can build a larger BANX position without slippage

đŸŗ People minting with Frakts & Gnomies can consolidate a larger BANX position


Holder benefits are proportional to the amount of Partner points and Player points of each BANX:

Directly after mint

🤑 Sustainable passive income

  • in SOL starting directly after mint (including revenue accumulated in the past)

  • in $FRAKT starting directly after IDO

🤑 Discount on Flip loans (up to free loans)

🤑 Tickets for the Liquidation Raffles (buy liquidated NFTs at up to 50% below floor price)


🤑 Cashbacks on P2P Loans

🤑 Boosts on User Rewards and Referral Rewards

🤑 Governance Votes

Guaranteed Liquidity

đŸ’Ļ Directly after mint, 10% of the raise (4,445 SOL) will be allocated to AMM pools on Hadeswap & Tensor in order to ensure guaranteed post mint liquidity which will

  • Allow minters to instantly reroll any of their BANX, and stabilize price to the upside.

  • Increase trading volume (royalties also feed into sustainable passive income)

  • Stabilize price to the upside

đŸ’Ļ Directly after mint, you will be able to borrow against your BANX

đŸ’Ļ Directly after mint, we will start our gamified passive income system

  • Holders will be able to stake their Banx to claim their share of weekly passive income

  • Holders will be able to stake their Banx to claim their share of the revenue chest accumulated in the past (over 10,000 SOL)


This short thread says it all


đŸ”Ĩ The best community, utility, & benefits are about to collide with the best art from Tainaker himself:

  • High diversity index

  • Rigorous review process to ensure every single trait looks amazing

  • Rigorous generative rules to ensure every BANX looks clean

  • Introducing Sets so that even lower rarity BANX can look as good as 1/1s

OG team

Frakt was the first generative art collection on Solana and the third NFT collection lauched on the Solana blockchain (on June 7 2021). For the past 2 years the team has been busy

  • Building core NFTxDEFI infrastructures

  • Reinforcing its trustworthy reputation: "when we promise we deliver"

  • Merging two communities (Frakt & Pawnshop Gnomies) into one (BANX)

  • Educating & informing our community via our detailed documentation and weekly Medium articles

  • Releasing products with proven market fit and sustainable revenue streams

On April 2 we released our last product: the Bonds (high LTV, low fee, peer to peer loans) which is the most competitive, scalable and composable NFT lending architecture on any chain. Give it a try on https://app.frakt.xyz/bonds

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