Where is the money going?

50% to Protocol Owned Liquidity (22,225 SOL)

  • In Automated Lending Strategies funding Bonds

  • In Isolated Lending Pools funding Perps

30% to Banx Liquidity (13,335 SOL)

4,445 SOL to Banx pools on AMMs

Directly after mint, 10% of the raise will be allocated to AMM pools on Hadeswap & Tensor in order to ensure guaranteed post mint liquidity which will

  • allow minters to instantly reroll any of their BANX, and stabilize price to the upside.

  • increase trading volume (royalties also feed into sustainable passive income)

  • stabilize price to the upside

8,890 SOL to Banx high LTV super low interest loans

20% to Team Runway (8,890 SOL)

As described in our tokenomics, the yield generated by the POL will be either compounded or accounted as protocol revenue for sustainable passive income.

This will be decided by governance at every epoch.

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