Private isolated lending pools

Private isolated lending pools

They are the same as public isolated lending pools with the exception that :

  • They are funded by team and/or DAOs

  • For that reason the deposit link is private

The idea is is that we don't want lenders to deposit their $SOL into a low liquidity pool they know nothing about, nor can we vet low volume projects requesting a private pool. That's why we won't display these pools on the public lending page. However if the project wants to share the link e.g. with some community whales who'd like to contribute liquidity, it's up to them. We just want the link to be kept relatively private and not be widely circulated to the point it becomes an open secret. Note that liquidations will go to public raffles

Why applying for a private pool for your collection?

  • Your collection doesn't qualify for Flip or Perpetual loans

  • You want your collection to "be on FRAKT" in order to enable your holders to borrow against their NFTs

  • You have the funds and are ready to fund your private isolated lending pool

Applying for a private isolated lending pool

Form to apply for a private lending pool

You can apply for a private lending pool for you collection by

  1. Joining our Discord

  2. Creating a ticket

  3. Submitting the below information :

  • Collection twitter

  • Collection public discord

  • Collection URL on hyperspace (if launched)

  • Size/price/date (if yet to be minted)

  • Your twitter

  • Your discord id

  • Your role: Owner/DAO Leader/Holder

  • How much $SOL to you plan to deploy in the pool?

  • Would you prefer your pool to have a public or private URL?

  • Would you like us to setup a private AMA in your discord?

  • Would you like us to setup a public twitter spaces?

  • Any other co-marketing ideas? Shoot!

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