Presales & WLs

How to get Presales and WLs for BANX mint?
  • Mint price is 10 SOL for all Presales & WLs
  • Mint date still to be communicated
Why mint BANX? 🔥 Revenue share backlog: 10,000 SOL 🔥 Revenue share from future royalties, product fees, & protocol owned liquidity yield 🔥 Chance at 25 1/1s 🔥 Chance at rare, high utility points valued currently at 100+ SOL 🔥 Every single trait is rare 🔥 5K SOL AMM offer liquidity post-mint

TL;DR on Presales & WLs

BANX Presales (SOLD OUT)

  • Presales sold = 2,557
  • Presale price = 10 SOL
Holder guaranteed presale ended on April 20
Partner projects/DAOs allocations ended on May 8

BANX WLs distributed to participants of the Fraktlisting Leaderboard Competiton (Season 1)

  • WLs available = 1,888
  • Mint price = 10 SOL
Climb the leaderboard competition (Season 1) with your lending/borrowing activity to potentially win multiple Banx whitelists, blue chip NFTs and $FRKT! 🤑

Apply to the Fraktlisting leaderboard competition on

Check the Leaderboard rankings and prizes on