FRKX Utilities
Shortly after the IDO, $FRKT holders will be able to convert their $FRKT to $FRKX with a progressive linear unlock over a year. Locked tokens will be eligible for their share of sustainable passive income.
Directly starting at IDO, we’ll tie all protocol related utilities to $FRKX staking. Staked tokens will therefore unlock : 1. Governance voting power
2. Eligibility to claim sustainable passive income
3. Protocol related holder benefits :
● Reduced lending fees (max to free) for Flip loans​
● Higher cap/limit on amount of loans value that can be taken at a discount (or for free)
● Access to NFT liquidation at 50% of fp (Liquidation Raffles)
● Increased loan durations
● Increased LTV
● Reduced pools fees (max to free)
● WLs to projects using Guard (raffles)
● Boost on referral rewards
● Others to come….
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