Sustainable Passive Income, Discounts & Raffles

Holder benefits are a staple of any community. Sustainable passive income and strong discounts are the centrepieces of those benefits
TL;DR available on Twitter : Holder Benefits​
Frakt was the first generative art collection on Solana and the third NFT collection lauched on the Solana blokchain (June 7 2021). Pawnshop Gnomies was the first project to issue an on chain loan backed by a Solana NFT (November 18 2021). This feat caught the attention of FRAKT, which led to the merger on March 15 2021

Frakts NFTs and Gnomies NFTs

In terms of associated utility (passive income, discounts, raffles,...) : ● Rarity doesn't matter for Gnomies NFTs ● Frakts NFTs are rarity weighted In this section you can find the amount of points for each type of Frakt NFT (and per Gnomie)

Sustainable passive income

100% of our protocol revenue and 100% of our royalties will be entirely used to buy back our token. Then we distribute the same amount of token that we buy back to our holders (neutral market impact passive income inflation) : ● 50% of the buyback will be distributed to NFT stakers (25% to Frakts, rarity weighted; 25% to Gnomies, flat) ● 50% of the buyback will be distributed to token stakers
Here's an example with real numbers: ➔ Every 10.000 $SOL revenue, where by revenue we mean 100% of protocol fees + 100% of royalties : ➔ We buy back 5.000 $SOL worth of $FRKX ➔ We feed the remaining 5.000 $SOL + the 5.000 $SOL worth of $FRKX into the $FRKX-$SOL Liquidity Pool ➔The same buyback amount, 5.000 $SOL worth of $FRKX, is emitted to stakers: - 2.500 $SOL worth of $FRKX to $FRKX stakers - 1.250 $SOL worth of $FRKX to FRAKT stakers (0.33 SOL/100 points) - 1.250 $SOL worth of $FRKX to Gnomie stakers (0.225 SOL/gnomie)


Every Gnomie and every 10 Frakt points (staked) unlock 1% discount on lending fees for Flip loans so that 100 Gnomies = 1,000 Frakt points = free loans
Free loans for holders that hold 100 gnomies/1000 frakt points are limited to 500 SOL of given liquidity and/or 30 loans
After IDO, users staking $FRKX (upcoming IDO token) will be able to unlock higher caps on free/discounted Flip loans. The other utilities for the $FRKX token are listed here​
Note that free loans won't be accessible when utilisation rate of the aggregated lending pool is >= 80%

Liquidation Raffles

Every Gnomie in wallet and every 10 Frakt points (staked, and rounded down per Frakt NFT) unlock 1 ticket for the Liquidation raffles during which participants can purchase (bluechip) NFTs at 50% of floor price.