Sustainable Passive Income, Discounts, Raffles & $HADES

OG NFTs : Frakts and Gnomies
In terms of associated utility (Sustainable passive income, Discounts, Raffles,...) : Rarity doesn't matter for Gnomies NFTs while Frakts NFTs are rarity weighted In this section you can find the amount of points for each type of Frakt NFT and per Gnomie

1. Sustainable Passive Income

100% of our protocol revenue and 100% of our royalties revenue will be entirely used to buy back our $FRAKT token (with 50% of the total revenue) + provide liquidity for it (with the other 50 of the total revenue). Then we distribute the same amount of $FRAKT token that we buy back to our stakers (neutral market impact passive income inflation) : ● 50% of the buyback will be distributed to PFP stakers (proportionnaly to the total of Partner points staked) ● 50% of the buyback will be distributed to $FRAKT stakers (proportionally to total of $FRAKT staked)

2. Discounts on Flip loans

Every Player point unlocks 1% discount on borrowing fees for Flip loans
Free loans are limited to 500 SOL of given liquidity and/or 30 loans Free loans won't be accessible when utilisation rate of the aggregated lending pool is >= 80%

3. Tickets for Liquidation Raffles

Every Player point unlocks 1 ticket for the Liquidation raffles during which participants can purchase NFTs at up to 50% of floor price

4. $HADES rewards

As per Hadeswap tokenomics, 5% of the entire $HADES supply will be distributed to $FRAKT stakers. Starting right after $FRAKT IDO, each staked $FRAKT will yield a total of 0.001332 $HADES, emitted over 18 months (this is true for all staked $FRAKT, including locked staked $FRAKT migrated from $FRKT)